Instructions for Making a board game

How to make a Super Fun Board Game!

Supplies to build your game!Our Museum Career Ladder (MCL) is a volunteer and employment readiness program offering opportunities for teenagers to engage in fun and meaningful work at the Thinkery to prepare themselves for future endeavors.

This post was authored by one of our fantastic MCL volunteers, Taara.

Board games are awesome. From Monopoly to Candy Land, board games are fun for the whole family! I love to make my own and play them with my family. When you make your own board game, you can make it as hard or as easy as you want by setting the rules. You can customize the board, and even make game pieces to match!

The supplies for Taara’s game

IMG_6875What do you need?

A square or rectangle of cardboard. This will be the “board” of the board game Decorations for the board. This is what you want to go on the board, be creative! Examples include: Crayons/markers/pastels Construction paper/ colored paper Tape/ glue Stickers Anything else that you think will make your board snazzy Game pieces- they could be made of anything! Examples include: Clay/Playdough Coins Blocks Pebbles Dice Game cards (if necessary) – use index cards or cut out pieces of construction paper

IMG_6873Now that you have gathered all your supplies, let’s make the board game!

    What is probability?

    How likely something is to happen. If you have 8 red marbles and 2 yellow marbles in a bag, you are more likely to grab a red marble. You have a high probability of grabbing a red marble, and a low probability of grabbing a yellow marble.

    What type of game do you want?

Trivia? Strategy? Drawing? Numbers? Probability?

    Trivia questionName your game!

    Make up the rules
How hard do you want it to be? How do you win? Who goes first? How do you move forward/backward? What other rules can you think of for your game?
    Set up your board!
Make sure you make a path for your game pieces to follow Put instructions like, “if you land here move forward 3 spaces, ” on the board if needed
    Game pieces for the Volunteen Challenge

    Make your game pieces!

This is how you know who’s who in the game Make sure they are different so you can tell everyone apart. Make sure they are a good size for the board
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Many children in my neighborhood walk about

by lesbian4faith

1'2 mile to daycare/preschool in wind, rain, and snow because family has lost cars to being unable to maintain repair cost/towing/parking regulations usually making it more difficult for mother to work. Many of these kids get only what arrives from an agency/toy drive.
If the utilities get turned off, then the family is evicted and they become more homeless families living on the street. Often the families request coats, boots, basic school clothing. A doll or a truck or a game is a welcome toy. I remember receiving used board games as a child, missing pieces and instructions. I held on to them, I looked at them often and wondered how to play the game. I got laughed at by children who had new toys.

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