Instructions for board game Sorry

Instructions for 'Sorry' the Board Game

Board games can be a great diversion during weekends, when the family is bored, or when you are rained or snowed in. They can also be a great holiday tradition or weekly ritual that your family will remember forever. However, with so many items in a house, it can be difficult to keep track of all of the pesky instructions. Learn how to play Sorry! the board game the way Hasbro intended. Enjoy the game while knowing you have played it correctly.

  • Game board
  • Sorry deck of cards
  • 16 tokens


    • 1

      Set up the pieces in their appropriate location. Have each player select a color and place all pawns of that matching color in the same colored START space. Shuffle the deck of cards and place face down. Have each player select a card. The highest number goes first. Play continues to the left.

    • 2

      Draw a 1 or a 2 to get out of the start space otherwise you lose your turn. Discard used cards in a separate pile. Do as the card says if you draw a 1 or 2. Move your token one space outside of the start area if you draw a 1. If you draw a 2 move one token one space to get out of the start area and draw again. Head your token in the left direction, following the arrows on the board. Dismiss this instruction if you draw a card that makes you move backwards and move backwards to the right instead.

    • 3

      Continue selecting cards and following the instructions on each card you pick. Switch another player spaces if you draw an 11. Transfer your token from home to another player´s space if you draw a Sorry card. Return their token to start. Take another player´s pawn back to their start location if you land on their space exactly and say ¨Sorry.¨ Attempt to get out of the start area again by drawing a 1 or 2 card. You may have more than one token on the board at a time provided that each token got out with a separate 1 or 2 card or a Sorry card.

    • 4

      Slide your token from the arrow to the circle if you land on a slide that is any other color besides the color of your token. Bump any other tokens that are on the slide spaces back to home including your own tokens.

    • 5

      Forfeit your turn if the only move that you can make is to land on a space already occupied by your colored token, otherwise choose a different pawn to move. Move your token if possible even if doing so is not to your advantage; you must move if it is possible for you to move. Move backwards if you draw a 4 or 10 card. If you are within a few spaces of the start area and you draw a 4 or 10 card, move back the number of spaces provided on the card and on the next turn you can move into the safety zone.

    • 6


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