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How to Create a Board Game in Microsoft Word

Racing Tigers Collage3I love a good board game, and when board games can make learning more fun, I think it’s a win for both the parents and the kids. But homeschooling parents cover a lot of different topics in a year. Can you make a board game to go along with any topic? Well, just about! Here is a simple way I found to create a board game about virtually any topic, for any age level, using basic images and Microsoft Word.

1. In order to have room to get a game board and instructions on a single sheet of paper, you will likely need to adjust your margins. I have found the margins that work the best for me are .17” for top and bottom margins and .5” for the left and right margins.

2. Choose a background image related to the theme or topic of your game. I chose a friendly-looking tiger. There’s no need to scare the little ones with a ferocious beast!

3. You can position your image anywhere you’d like on the page—top, bottom, or center. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a position for your background image. If you place it behind the text portion of your game, you will need to be sure it can be lightened enough for the text to show up. If you place it behind the game board portion, you need to consider that your game board will contain smaller pictures that may block portions of the background picture.

For example, in the game Racing Tigers, the smaller images I used were tiger paw prints. But the paw prints are actually a square clip art image with a white background. If I place the tiger background image behind the game board, my printed page will have small white squares all over the background tiger. You can avoid this problem if you know how to remove the background of the smaller images and make them transparent in image editing software.

I chose to place the background tiger image behind where my text will go, and I lightened the picture 20% using the picture formatting tools in Word.

4. Now that your background is set, you can create the game itself. Begin by inserting a text box, the size of your page, with no border or fill.

5. Inside the text box you created, insert a table. For Racing Tigers, I used a table 9 squares across and 8 squares down. To create the blank spaces on the game board, I clicked into those squares and removed the appropriate border lines.

6. Choose a small image (or two small images) to represent your two players. Insert those images on the game board to show your players what path to take. I chose tiger paw prints in orange and black.

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